17th of September, 2014

So today I really could not get out of bed. I went to bed really late and I was also really tired I felt immediately in sleep when I once lay in my bed, which never really happens. I did not even set my alarm, but miraculously I did wake up on time. However I was a little bit late for school. Wednesdays are always hard for me. I am having school from 8:00 am till 4:05 pm which is really killing and is even more worse when you haven’t slept well or did not get enough sleep (which is basically the same thing). So, it was a tough day at school and I also did not feel very happy. On Wednesdays I also have art class and I am actually proud of what I made during class. I did make some progress even though I still don’t know what to make for my art project, but I am getting better so that’s kind of a plus point.

The thing which I really really did not look up to was working. It’s not like I don’t like my work, but on Wednesdays I am just too tired for anything. I never really do a lot of homework on Wednesdays just because I am so tired. I really should sleep earlier, and I try to, but I always end up sleeping around  00:00 (am).

Surprisingly work was a lot of fun. I actually felt pretty happy during work. There were some new people I got to work with and I just love to help people and teach them new things. They were new so they did not really understand everything they had to do so that’s why they needed some help now and then and idk that’s just felt so cool ’cause I knew how to help them. Also, some of my favorite coworkers were working too today and that makes everything so much better.

Also, I just learnt today that whenever YOU are POSITIVE life will look so much better too. After work I felt so relieved and just happy and I wanted to hug everyone I saw. Sometimes I am just really weird, but I really don’t mind that and I hope no one else does.

So, when I came home dad had brought me my new laptooooooop which was the highlight of the days ’cause since the moment he had giving me the laptop till now I haven’t been doing anything else then being on my laptop.

I feel so awkward writing all these posts, ’cause my English is not even that good. I actually prefer writing in dutch. Just because I know the language better. Some things do sound better in English, but most of the time I end up saying things more complicated then they actually are and that’ just because I don’t how else to describe it. My vocabulary is not that ‘big’.

So this was my post of the day/daily post/my day post WHATEVER. I am really off to bed right now, ’cause I am soooo tired and I planned a breakfast with my mom for tomorrow morning. Which means I’ll have to get up early and get ready ’cause we are also going to shop. I am looking forward to it, even though I am not looking forward to waking up early in the morning. Sometimes in life we have to do things we don’t like to get what we want. This quote barely has to do with the situation I am in, but I just like the quote and just made it up. I am sure someone else has said the same sentence before, but I really don’t give a damn to be honest.

Good night everyooooooooooooooooone!

Daily post

Well, hello. I noticed that I never really do daily posts. I mean, what I usually do is just post whenever I want to and I always post about different stuff. So I decided that maybe it’d be fun to do daily posts, posts in which I tell how my day went and just what I did that day. I guess that would make my blog more accessible? At least I hope it will and I hope y’all will like it.

This is actually not a poem but I made it look like one and I have no regrets

All I ever wanted was to be succesful
I don’t need parties to make me happy
I don’t need a lot of money to be happy
All I really need is someone
to tell me it’s gonna be okay
‘Cause all my hope is gone
and I just feel so stupid
and most of all I am so scared

I don’t know if this is ever going to stop
but I want it to
And I wish I knew how
how to stop feeling this way