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I don’t know if I believe in angels but I like to think you’re up there, watching over me. Looking down on earth in a white dress and with wings, feeling so much happier up in the sky than you ever felt here.

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Oh daddy oh mommy

My parents are being such a good parents right now, how about no. They are complaining about me and my sister not helping my mother enough with the dishes. My dad says that school is just an excuse for us and that it is not that hard to clean or own dishes and WE DO so that’s the meanest part of all. Besides that he says that we do have enough time (which is not true at all) to hang out with friends (I barely hang out with friends because my parents don’t let me so wtf) and go to work to earn some money. FIRST OF ALL I am not working that much as he makes it look like and also I DO HAVE TO WORK like Jesus Christ he never gave me money NEVER. Now that I have a job I am able to buy my own stuff and I think that’s necessary.