I am trying

I am trying. I am really really trying to be happy with my life. I’m trying to make the best of it. No matter how much I try I still accomplish to fail in so many things. I just wanna be good at something for once. I just wanna be like ‘heyo sis I know how that works lemme help ya’. I just wanna be sure of the things I’m able to do. Also, I am really trying to appreciate the things that God has given me, a.o my friends, my family and above all the life I’m living. I am trying, but it’s not always that easy. I know life’s never gonna be easy. What I’ve learnt from my religion is that the life we’re living now is just some foretaste of what is going to be (or come?) after death. I really do believe that. I guess life’s just some challenge. You can either way choose to do the good and have a shot on a place in heaven or do the bad and risking a place in hell. I am trying to be a good muslim, a good sister, a good daughter, a good student and a good friend. I just realized that I’m not doing it that well. I am not a good sister. I am far from a good daughter. I always fail my tests. I am not sure what kind of friend I am.

I am on period right now, so that’s the reason why I am so emotional these days and I guess I’ll regret this post a few days later. But for now, I am okay with it. And I should probably go to sleep ’cause it is kinda getting late.